Corporate Governance


The Company's primary objective is to maximize stockholder value while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions wherein it operates and at all times observing high ethical standards. The Company will pursue this objective primarily through participation in the retail industry.

Governance is an ongoing commitment. The Board has developed corporate governance practices to help it fulfill its responsibility to stockholders to oversee the work of management in the conduct of the Company's business and to seek to serve the long-term interests of stockholders. The governance practices are memorialized in these Guidelines to assure that the Board will have the necessary authority and practices in place to review and evaluate the Company's business operations as needed and to make decisions that are independent of the Company's management.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Business Code of Conduct and Ethics is regularly updated and reissued to ensure its comprehensiveness. On December 17, 2013, the Board approved certain amendments to the Business Code of Conduct and Ethics, including (i) enhancements to existing provisions regarding waivers, equal employment opportunity, social media, gifts, trips, and entertainment, and bribery and corruption, and (ii) additional provisions regarding diversity and inclusion, maintaining a drug-free workplace, reporting of criminal offenses, anti-money laundering, and proper use of Company assets. On April 14, 2014, the Board amended the Business Code of Conduct and Ethics to add a provision regarding policies and guidelines for product selection. On January 14, 2015, the Board amended the Business Code of Conduct and Ethics to expressly state that no Outfitter will be subject to adverse employment action by the Company on the basis of an Outfitter’s personal political affiliation or lawful political activity.

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The Company updates this site periodically as laws and regulations become effective or as Company information changes and reserves the right to amend or modify the documents and information at any time.

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